Printing & Copying

Patrons using WCDPL's internet and word processing computers, please read these instructions before printing.  Please note these instructions are for patrons at the library.

Printer/copiers located on the First and Second Floors provide these services for library users:

  • Low cost printing and copying
    • Suggested donations are 10¢ for black & white, 25¢ for color
  • Self-service scanning

Printing from a WCDPL Computer

1. Select Print Options. If you skip this step, your print job will use default settings.

  • Go to pull down menu File, select Print or click on the printer icon.
  • Select Printer Properties or Preferences to designate:
    • Paper size.
    • Color or black and white printing.
    • Single or double side printing.
    • Click OK to “save” your choices.
    • You're returned to the Print box, click OK.

2. Enter a Release Key of Your Choice

  • The Print Assistant box opens—type in a “release key,” or password, you select. For example: “jsmith.”
  • Click OK.
  • Print Assistant calculates cost to print.
  • Click Accept to continue or Decline to cancel the print job.

3. Complete Your Print Job

  • Go to the Release Station (the computer next to the new printer copier).
  • Enter your release key.
  • Select job(s) to be printed and select print.
  • Review print costs.
  • Click Accept to print, or Decline to cancel your print job.
  • Add money to the vending unit.
  • Collect your print out.

Printing via Email

Login to your email account and send or forward an email with the document to be printed as an attachment to one of our printers:

Bowling Green Location

Walbridge Location

The email and its attachment will be sent as separate print jobs and will need to be released separately. You can release your print jobs from any release terminal or service desk.

Printing by Uploading Your Documents to our Web Portal

Bowling Green Location: and enter code: 108140

Walbridge Location:

The uploaded document will be sent from the portal to our release stations. You can release your print jobs from any release terminal or service desk.

Print from our Mobile App

The Princh app is available for iOS and Android. 

  • Once installed, you will need to allow the Princh app to display over other apps.
  • Switch to the app that contains your document and select "print from the share menu."
  • Set Princh as your printer and tap the printer icon.
  • Select a printer, adjust the settings, and tap "print."

For help using the printer/copiers, stop by the Second Floor Information Desk or the Circulation Desk on the First Floor.

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